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By moonlightta10107716, Jun 25 2018 06:10PM

Hey everybody! From now on, I am going to try to keep this section updated with new entries as often as I can. I figured this would be a good way to stay connected with everyone and share my thoughts on tattooing and any happenings in the shop. As tattooers, we get to meet new people all the time. Every day is different and we get to have interesting discussions and hear many different stories. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes they can be emotional and touching. Of course, our job and our focus is the body art we apply to our clients. However, the personal connections we make can be just as powerful for us. I will continue to share my experiences and thoughts here. I will never reveal any personal information about our customers, but I will share how certain experinces make me feel.

I also plan on using this blog to share some thoughts, tips, and information on tattooing itself! At Moonlight Tattoo, we understand that while this is what we do every day, it could be your first time ever setting foot into a tattoo shop. We also believe that each and every tattoo deserves careful attention from design to application. So whether you're coming in for your tenth tattoo or your very first, we treat everyone's ideas with respect, care and professionalism. We know that coming into a tattoo shop can be a confusing, nerve-wracking and even an intimidating experience. One of my goals is to provide some information to help people better navigate the process of getting a tattoo. As artists, we are also continually learning from our interactions with clients. Hopefully, some of what I post will be helpful to the novice as well as experienced tattoo collector.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Stay tuned for more!

-Baby Joe

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